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Hashim Amla Greatest ODI Batsman Of All time

Hashim Amla has established himself as the one of the greatest 50-over players to have played for South Africa after long being labelled as a Test specialist.

Hashim Amla

The South African Hashim Amla burst onto the scene as one the most tasteful Test batsmen with the most exquisite of methods. He heaped on the runs in a flash in the more drawn out configuration however it would take the right-gave virtuoso some time before influencing his stamp in restricted overs to cricket.


For a significant part of the beginning times in his profession, the 34-year-old’s standard system neglected to change well in the 50-over amusement.

Hashim Amla The man Of Long Innings:

He man for the long innings, Amla would influence his South Africa to make a big appearance in Tests amid 2004 against India. It was four years after the fact in 2008 that he would get his first ODI top for the Proteas.

Amla’s absence of capability and dangerousness at the best was viewed as a noteworthy incapacitate when it came to opening the innings in ODIs.

In spite of these obstacles, the Durban-conceived man immediately demonstrated that a world class batsman can change his diversion into any circumstance. 157 matches for South Africa later, Amla is ostensibly one of the best ODI batsmen to have played the amusement for his nation.

He has 26 tons in the 50-over arrangement, the fifth most astounding ever and just the second among the dynamic players.

Hashim Amla

Amla Test Record

Be that as it may, regardless of trailing in number of hundreds of years. The rate at which Amla has scored them dominates the Indian batting maestro. On Sunday, Amla hit his most recent ton in an unbeaten thump to direct South Africa to a 10-wicket triumph over Bangladesh.

All the while, he turned into the quickest in ODI cricket to score 26 hundreds taking just 154 innings to do as such. For the record, it took Kohli 166 innings to accomplish the same.

A couple of months back, the South African broke another of Kohli’s records, turning into the quickest batsman to break the 7000-run stamp. The Proteas batsman took 150 innings to get to that stamp while the Indian captain took 169.

Breaking records has turned into somewhat of a propensity for the 34-year-old as he remains the quickest to get to 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 and 7000 keeps running in one-day cricket.

That he has played just 157 ODIs for the Proteas so far at 34-years old when any semblance of AB De Villiers have played numerous more remains a tragedy and eventually South Africa’s own misfortune.


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