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Frances Tiafoe held his clench hands

FRANCES TIAFOE slapped his heart, lifted his arms to the sky skipped over the court. Slapped five with his group in the stands. As he said later, utilized “a great deal of awful dialect.” Then he got it started a couple of more circumstances for good measure. It was, as he didn’t generally need to clarify, “the most joyful I’ve at any point felt on a tennis court.”

What made the 19-year-old Maryland local’s day in Cincinnati? FRANCES TIAFOE had quite recently beaten the ATP’s most smoking player, Alexander Zverev, and finished his 10-coordinate.

Two-competition win streak, 4-6, 6-3, 6-4. Tiafoe had turned the tables without anyone else age, who was positioned 51 spots higher and who had dealt with him effortlessly at both the Australian Open and Wimbledon this year.

“I let him huge kid me,” Tiafoe disclosed to Tennis Channel a while later when asked what had occurred in his initial two gatherings with Zverev. “I let him direct play.”


 Frances Tiafoe won, 4-6, 6-3, 6-4, for the biggest victory of his career. (AP)

Frances Tiafoe clenched his fists, slapped his heart, lifted his arms to the sky, skipped across the court, slapped five with his team in the stands and, as he said later, used “a lot of bad language.” Then he raised the roof a few more times for good measure. It was, as he didn’t really need to explain, “the happiest I’ve ever felt on a tennis court.”

What made the 19-year-old Maryland native’s day in Cincinnati? He had just beaten the ATP’s hottest player, Aexander Zverev, and ended his 10-match, two-tournament win streak, 4-6, 6-3, 6-4.

“I let him big boy me,” Tiafoe told Tennis Channel afterward. When asked what had happened in his first two meetings with Zverev. “I let him dictate play.”

He’s the guy you need to keep in your sights. On Wednesday he caught him, in what Tiafoe described as a “roller coaster out there.”

Broke serve just when he needed to, at 5-4, with a perfectly constructed rally. That ended with a forehand winner. This time, though, Tiafoe had played well enough in that set to feel like he was in it.

He stepped forward to start the second, breaking serve with a big backhand approach and jumping to a 3-0 lead. Zverev, again as expected, narrowed the gap to 3-2, but this time. It was Tiafoe who played big-boy tennis and

A perhaps ill-advised doubles match on Tuesday, began to weary. His shoulders slumped, he trudged to the sidelines on changeovers, he leaned on his racquet between points and he took no time at all setting up to serve. At 3-5, Tiafoe broke him with a reflex crosscourt forehand winner for the set. Sascha didn’t even think about trying to run after it.

That’s how play continued in the third set. Zverev looked like he was in a death march rather than a tennis match. But, as so often happens, he served just well enough, and Tiafoe got just tight enough, to keep it close. Tiafoe missed a routine return on break point early in the set, and missed an easy overhead wide that would have given him two break points at 4-3.

A varied arsenal of shots and speed, can work at a Top 10 level. That’s worth raising the roof about.

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